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January 2024

School Socials

  • We just wrapped up our final school social, welcoming approximately 1300 students across three separate after-school events organized by grade level.

  • The PTA provided each attendee with pizza, treats, and glow sticks.

  • The students enjoyed a fantastic light show, groovy tunes from a DJ, and memorable moments captured at the photo booth.


Teacher Funds

  • We successfully disbursed teacher stipends, empowering our educators to enhance their classrooms, curriculum, and plans for the students.

  • During the Holiday Luncheon, we also distributed Amazon gift cards to our dedicated staff and teachers.


Teacher Hospitality

We extended our hospitality to our hardworking teachers.

  • Hosting gatherings with Refuge Coffee truck

  • Lunch events on teacher workdays,

  • A delightful holiday luncheon before the winter break from Rosa Mia’s.

  • Dinner during Curriculum Night

  • Popsicle treats from King of Pops

  • Warm welcome back breakfast from JR’s Log House in January


Special Funding Requests

We greenlit special funding requests for various purposes, including field trips, art supplies, and PE equipment.



Our Reflections submissions have been successfully sent to the Georgia PTA, with one of our applicants advancing to the next level.


Student of the Month

Supporting the Student of the Month program, we provided School Store gift cards for the recipients.


Upcoming Initiatives

Looking ahead, we are excited to contribute supplies for Multicultural Night, provide a treat for the staff on the March teacher workday, offer lunch for all volunteers in March during scoliosis screening, and organize a staff appreciation lunch during Staff Appreciation Week. Your continued support makes all of this possible!

Thank you for being an essential part of our achievements!


Business Sponsors

Our Business Sponsor Campaign has been amazing this year, thanks to the outstanding support from the following businesses for our AMMS PTA.

If you have a business or are aware of one interested in joining as a sponsor, please contact us at

We welcome new partnerships and greatly appreciate the ongoing support from our local businesses!


Know Our Teachers

Ever wondered about the unique and fascinating lives of our dedicated faculty and staff members? In this edition, we're shining the spotlight on Ms. Katie Townsend, and here are 5 interesting tidbits that make her stand out:

Five interesting facts about me:

  1. 🤚 Left-Handed Wonders: Ms. Townsend is part of the exclusive left-handed club, adding a touch of uniqueness to their teaching style.

  2. 🌴 Sunshine State Roots: Originally hailing from South Florida, Ms. Townsend brings a bit of that warm sunshine to our school community.

  3. 🌉 Bridge Climber Extraordinaire: Hold your breath! Ms. Townsend once conquered the heights of the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. Now that's an adventurous spirit!

  4. 🐾 Pet Parenting Pro: Dog, Teddy, the wise and loyal companion of Ms. Townsend, who is an impressive 16 years old. A true testament to the power of love and care.

  5. 🥧 Pi Day Enthusiast: March 14th is not just another day for Ms. Townsend. She celebrates Pi Day annually, adding a fun and educational twist to the festivities with their students.


By sharing these personal insights, we hope to foster a stronger connection between our faculty and the school community.


Did you Know ?

Did you know that the links for the specific grade newsletters does not change?

You can save the link to your favorites in your web browser to make them easier to find.

6th Grade Newsletter

7th Grade Newsletter


School Store

This school year, the School Store has experienced remarkable success. One exciting feature is the availability of $20 punch cards that can be utilized for purchasing merchandise. Considering that students are unable to carry backpacks throughout the day, $20 book bags are now offered for purchase on the PTA website, with convenient pickup options at the store.


For our students’ convenience, the School Store operates during the following hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8 am to 9 am.


Additionally, we are actively seeking volunteers for the store – an opportunity often regarded as the MOST FUN volunteer role at our school.

Join us in making the School Store experience even more enjoyable for everyone!



For those who have already joined, we encourage you to explore the option of donation matching with your employer. Autrey Mill Middle School is a registered 501c3 organization, making your contributions eligible for matching programs.

If you haven't joined yet, there's still time to become a member and contribute to our ongoing efforts to enhance Autrey Mill Middle School. It's important to note that joining doesn't obligate you to volunteer; however, we always welcome new faces for those who are interested.


Together, We Make a Difference!

🌟 We believe in the power of collaboration and the impact it has on shaping a vibrant and supportive educational community for our middle schoolers.


Hospitality Rewards

If you have Kroger or Publix Rewards cards, please go into your account and designate AMMS PTA as a Community Rewards recipient. For every dollar you spend, we receive a donation.


Birthday Banner

In our school community, the Birthday Banner continues to be a fantastic means of celebrating students on their special day. If you'd like to feature your child's or a teacher's birthday on the electronic sign, here's how you can do it:


Upcoming Elections and Open Positions

The PTA will have several open positions for the next school year.

Our terms are generally for 2 years.

Open Positions for the 2024-25 School Year

-    Co-President

-    Secretary

-    Parliamentarian

-    School Store

-    Events Chair for grade levels.


All of these positions require a minimum amount of time.

If you are interested or know of someone who would like to be contacted, please email us at


Social links

Upcoming Events

Jan. 30 - Nominating Committee Meeting Zoom 7pm (all members welcome)

Join Zoom Meeting

Feb. 12-16 - Black History Month Events, to volunteer

Feb. 22 - MultiCultural Night To represent your country, fill out this form:

Mar. 26 - Scoliosis Screening, to volunteer: 

May - Eighth grade Party

May - Eighth grade breakfast

May - Madness




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